How to Turn Your Surplus Capital Assets Into Cash

June 20, 2010

Does your company or organization have IT equipment that is at its end-of-life? Who wants to liquidate any obsolete computer equipment or other miscellaneous surplus capital assets?

I can quickly turn those surplus assets into working capital. Please call me at 513-617-4822 or email me at and I will explain all the ways I can immediately turn surplus capital assets into CASH.

Helping Businesses Budget for a Better Bottom Line

June 8, 2010

BUDGET BUSINESS COMPUTERS (BBC) sells pre-owned and off-lease business class computers that are durable. We stretch your IT dollars by providing lasting value with equipment that has depreciated in cost, but not quality.

If you are having trouble affording (or don’t actually require) the latest technology, BBC can help you. We can easily work with small businesses and all size businesses in between including Fortune 500’s such as US Bank, Siemens, Kroger’s, Children’s Hospital. No matter your company’s size, we can streamline your ongoing processes of technology turnover.

With so much pre-owned equipment available, Budget Business Computers has found a “sweet spot” meeting the needs of schools, non-profit organizations and businesses – whose budgets are frequently limited.

Each laptop goes through a precise checklist to ensure that each one is in optimum condition.

The Budget Business Computers team will dismantle all the laptops to tighten down processors, fans and screws – and reassemble them with equal precision.

We shall ensure that the memory cards are seated properly and thoroughly clean the inside of each laptop to remove any dust or debris. This will help avoid the processor fan overheating and enhance operations at full capacity.

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How I Will Grow My Business In 2010?

May 17, 2010

How to Write E-mail That Gets Answered (I found this)

May 2, 2010

Good Link I found about sending emails:

How to Turn You’re Surplus Capital IT Assets Into Cash

April 27, 2010

Experts in Asset Recovery & Remarketing IT Assets

Budget Business Computers offers cost-effective, comprehensive asset recovery and remarketing services. Our expert staff handles all aspects of the remarketing process for your IT equipment. Our worldwide network of sales and marketing channels enable us to remarket technology equipment quickly and efficiently. We maximize the ROI, thus freeing clients to concentrate on their core businesses.

Budget Business Computers specializes in the disposal of computer equipment in accordance with EPA regulations. In addition, all identifying markings from equipment are completely removed before leaving our facility. We follow all applicable state, federal and EPA regulations for the proper disposal of electronic scrap and will issue clients a Waiver of Liability against legal exposure.

• Logistics Management (packing & shipping worldwide)
• System Auditing and Reporting of Assets
• Line Item and Serial Number Level Reporting
• DOD Certified Data Erasure
• Repair / Refurbishment (Identifying the FMV)
• Secure Warehouse/Monitoring of Company Assets
• Environmentally Safe Disposal of Electronic Equipment
• Transfer of Title/Waiver of Liabilities
• Technology Disposal (According to EPA Standards)
• Identifying Current Fair Market Value of Assets
• Remarketing of Technology Assets (Global Client List)

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Why Are Off-Lease Computers and Laptops Are Similar to Pre-Owned Automobiles

April 16, 2010

Budget Business Computers continually asks its clients why they feel the need to purchase new computers or laptops when Pre-Owned or Off-Lease Computers and Laptops fit their IT needs at a substantial savings. Most companies only need their technology to surf the Web, send/receive emails and use word processing /Excel spreadsheet software. As a result, Pre-Owned business-class IT equipment will do the same job – while saving businesses, non-profit organizations and schools a great deal of money.

The best way to describe a Pre-Owned or Off-Lease Computer or Laptop is to use the analogy of an automobile lease. A buyer purchases a new car, via lease, for a period of time (usually 1-3 years). At lease end the vehicle is turned back in to the dealer. It is then quality-tested and driven to ensure its safe condition – in order to be resold under dealer standards. Next, it is resold as a pre-owned vehicle, retaining a high amount of use-life remaining – with the added buyer advantage that he/she inherits high-quality equipment whose depreciation amount has already been taken. This is a win-win situation for both parties.

Similarly, corporations purchase new computers or laptops, high end servers and Cisco routers via lease. This is similar to automobile leases – usually for a 2-3 year period. At lease end, the equipment is turned in. A computer technician performs several operations. Using special software, the machine is tested to certify the computer’s specifications. Information is gathered including processor speed, memory and disk storage. The technician performs a series of tests to ensure there are no hardware glitches. The hard drive is then reloaded back to its original configuration just as it was when it originally left the manufacturer. At this point, it is ready to be resold as a Pre-Owned or Off-Lease Computer or Laptop, still having a lot of use-life remaining. Again, the greatest loss of depreciation has already been taken.

Budget Business Computers accepts trade in’s of your old IT equipment and will work to regain the highest possible ROI (capital) for your surplus equipment. If your IT assets are 4-5 years old and you are considering disposing of them, please ask about our environmentally safe disposal program to make sure your assets don’t end up in a landfill. You could suffer government penalties by illegally dumping toxic assets, in addition to polluting the environment.

Please call Michael Sutter for more information at 513-617-4822.

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Important Differences Between Business Class and Consumer Class Computers and Laptops

April 4, 2010

Important Differences Between Business Class and Consumer Class Computers and Laptops

business class Computer or Laptop will have a longer standard warranty, which carries a significant value. Additionally, business class computers and laptops tend to feature matte screens and pointing sticks for usability – two things hard to come by in consumer class equipment.  Reference the chart below for more differences.

Here are five tips to consider when upgrading to a Business class Computer and Laptop. You’ll save the money over time:

1) Business class Computers and Laptops are built with better materials and generally last longer than consumer class equipment. Overall they carry a higher residual value.

2) Business class Computers and Laptops are designed to run continuously all day long.

3) Many times business class equipment still has the manufacturer’s warranty remaining. It is possible to work with directly with the manufacturer for any warranty and repair information.

4) Business Class Laptops are able to run two batteries at once and will hook up to a docking station for the home or work environment.

5) With business class Computers and Laptops their built-in video cards allow higher video graphics and enable the quick switch between presentations. The advanced graphics are also ideal for graphic designers and gamers.

Business class systems can sometimes be found at retail and on-line stores; however, most of them have to be ordered via a sales representative directly from the manufacturer or major distributor.

Read more about life expectancies of Consumer class Laptops, support and updates at:

Budget Business Computers sell Business Class equipment and will take trade-in’s of your old computer equipment.

Please call Michael Sutter at 513-617-4822 for more information.

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