Our Buy-Back Program


Technology “buy-back” offers are being made by several companies, with the basic idea of getting you to buy more new equipment sooner than you might have planned.

That can be expensive!!!

What if the buy-back deal were far more cost effective?

That is what Budget Business Computers is offering.

BBC will buy back your current laptop when you purchase any of our Pre-Owned Business Class laptops. Remember, these are high quality, durable, business class laptops. These laptops are durable enough to handle the normal day-to-day drops, bounces, bumps, and temperature variations.

They have hot swappable drives, so you never interrupt a presentation or a field test to put a different hard drive in place. Their in/out ports are durable enough to handle continual attaching/detaching of testing, video, and other external equipment. These laptops are actually the workhorses of the industry.

Contact BBC at 513-617-4822 for more information on our laptop buy-back offer or ask about our buy-back program on any other IT or computer equipment.

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Cincinnati, OH | Phone: (513) 617-4822 | sales@BudgetBusinessComputers.com

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