We take the mystery out of “IT”

We take the mystery out of “IT”

The mystery is why people pay for technological advances they will not use. What your business and every business needs is equipment that performs to their specific needs.

You know you need laptops, desktops, LCD monitors, printers, and other IT assets. You know how to operate the equipment.

But the total mystery is why do you have to spend large amounts of your IT budget to purchase new assets every few years?

The words quality, affordability, and appropriate capability are found when purchasing pre-owned business class IT equipment…

Quality: Business class high end IT equipment purchased from major manufacturers with plenty of useful life remaining. All equipment will be tested before delivery and will come with a warranty.

Affordability: Competitive pricing allows you to purchase larger quantities of IT equipment to make your business run more efficiently.

Appropriate Capability: Almost no business comes close to using all the capabilities of their current IT assets. Getting new, more powerful computers is a financial burden that does not produce a value added to the business.

If you ask a salesperson why you should buy new equipment, you will be told about all the great capabilities of the latest technology. In fact, new equipment is able to run a laser light show, play every video game made, and guide a spaceship to the moon. Wow, totally awesome! Except, you do not want to run light shows, play games, or guide spaceships anywhere. With pre-owned business class IT equipment you will be able to perform at a highly efficient level without overspending.

Budget Business Computers will provide you quality pre-owned business class IT equipment from major manufacturers. BBC will work with you to identify your needs and determine the scope of the project.

Please give us the opportunity to prepare a personalized quote on your upcoming project. Once you buy pre-owned business class IT equipment from Budget Business Computers, you’ll be satisfied you’ve made the correct decision.

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