Are you Being a Victim of Improper Computer Disposal?

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A useful piece of information for you, your CIO, and your CFO is that Budget Business Computers can and will effectively and affordably handle the disposal of IT assets.

No one needs to tell you that the federal privacy laws are more detailed and far reaching than they have ever been. You know that all American companies must comply with laws, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (applies to privacy of financial records) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which applies to maintaining privacy of medical records. Notably, these privacy laws apply to any company holding financial or medical data on employees or customers, not just financial and medical businesses.

Corporate espionage is a large problem. Proprietary data stored on obsolete computers is an area that most company officials do not consider when developing privacy and data security plans.

Many times CIO’s think that wiping a hard drive is sufficient to destroy sensitive data. Actually, it is not. Given today’s forensic abilities data can be retrieved from hard drives that have been “wiped.” Additionally, frequently accessed data is also stored on the RAM/ROM chips. Often companies store their out of date machines as a method of guarding privacy. This system has two flaws. First, if the computer’s operating system is out of date, the company has to restore the system in order to wipe the hard drive. Second, stored computers are often borrowed or stolen. In either event, the data can fall into malicious hands.

For businesses seeking to responsibly comply with privacy regulations and protect their proprietary data working with a firm set up to destroy old IT technology is a wise idea. Budget Business Computers (BBC) can certify destruction of data because the company destroys old computer hardware and processes glass, plastic and metals for re-use, rather than refurbishing and reselling systems and components.

Prior to disposal, Budget Business Computers stores all systems in a secured area. BBC can prove a clear chain of custody before the systems are destroyed, thereby allowing for certification of data and hardware destruction.

Be safe.

Be able to prove your privacy laws compliance with…

Complete certified destruction of all sensitive data.

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One Response to Are you Being a Victim of Improper Computer Disposal?

  1. If the hard drive is inaccessible them the platen needs to be destroyed (possibly via a drive crusher or shreddar)

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