Look Who Is Talking ?

Budget Business Computers

Fact: Companies buy computers based on price.
…but there’s something else going on…
At Budget Business Computers, we understand that our customers do comparison shopping on the Internet. Budget Business Computers offers something you won’t find online: Value-add Services* that affect your bottom line; and your peace-of-mind. At Budget Business Computers we do more than provide great equipment at budget prices. We offer quality assurance, personal assistance, knowledgeable advice, and quantity purchases. Those are "parts" you just can’t find online! But don’t take it from us. Listen to what some of our customers have to say…

*Click here for an article that describes your true
Total Cost of Ownership. As one example, you don’t save money if you buy an inexpensive computer that breaks or is down, and has no support. Each hour or day that goes by, you lose money.

…about Budget Business Computers…

“…provided me with a quote for my projects within an hour of my request, each time. The information is complete, accurate and timely. The price structure is exceptional, as well as their knowledge on the best products to use.”

Jennifer Vallarautto

 “will go the extra mile for…clients & customers.”
   – Blair Neville, VP Business Development, Honeywell Global Finance

 “provide results above and beyond client
  expectations…a high level of integrity and
  industry knowledge.”

   – Jay Steidle, Senior Account Executive, CVM Solutions


…call Michael Sutter: (513) 617-4822…

and you could be praising the great pricing and services at
Budget Business Computers!

"Helping Businesses Achieve a Better Bottom Line

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Cincinnati, OH  |  Phone: (513) 617-4822  |  sales@BudgetBusinessComputers.com

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