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July 5, 2011

Budget Business Computers can supply your company with Pre-Owned Business
Class Desktops, Laptops, Monitors, and other IT equipment. We will save you between 30 to 50% of the purchase of new equipment. Equally important, we offer a wide range of personalized services–image your computers, provide customized solutions, remove and securely recycle your old equipment, AND give you a
warranty on all hardware. Budget Business Computers also offers a buy-back program. Not only will the savings extend your budget, the service will
give you peace of mind.

Please call for pricing:

Example of available model of our
Business Class Pre-Owned Computers:


Intel 2.33 Ghz Intel Core
2 Duo Processors

• DVD Roms, USB Ports

• 2 Gb Ram DDR 2

• Mouse, Keyboard, P.
• 10/100 NIC Card
• 80 Gb Hard Drive • Warranty on all Hardware


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Our Buy-Back Program

April 27, 2011

Technology “buy-back” offers are being made by several companies, with the basic idea of getting you to buy more new equipment sooner than you might have planned.

That can be expensive!!!

What if the buy-back deal were far more cost effective?

That is what Budget Business Computers is offering.

BBC will buy back your current laptop when you purchase any of our Pre-Owned Business Class laptops. Remember, these are high quality, durable, business class laptops. These laptops are durable enough to handle the normal day-to-day drops, bounces, bumps, and temperature variations.

They have hot swappable drives, so you never interrupt a presentation or a field test to put a different hard drive in place. Their in/out ports are durable enough to handle continual attaching/detaching of testing, video, and other external equipment. These laptops are actually the workhorses of the industry.

Contact BBC at 513-617-4822 for more information on our laptop buy-back offer or ask about our buy-back program on any other IT or computer equipment.

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We take the mystery out of “IT”

December 2, 2010

We take the mystery out of “IT”

The mystery is why people pay for technological advances they will not use. What your business and every business needs is equipment that performs to their specific needs.

You know you need laptops, desktops, LCD monitors, printers, and other IT assets. You know how to operate the equipment.

But the total mystery is why do you have to spend large amounts of your IT budget to purchase new assets every few years?

The words quality, affordability, and appropriate capability are found when purchasing pre-owned business class IT equipment…

Quality: Business class high end IT equipment purchased from major manufacturers with plenty of useful life remaining. All equipment will be tested before delivery and will come with a warranty.

Affordability: Competitive pricing allows you to purchase larger quantities of IT equipment to make your business run more efficiently.

Appropriate Capability: Almost no business comes close to using all the capabilities of their current IT assets. Getting new, more powerful computers is a financial burden that does not produce a value added to the business.

If you ask a salesperson why you should buy new equipment, you will be told about all the great capabilities of the latest technology. In fact, new equipment is able to run a laser light show, play every video game made, and guide a spaceship to the moon. Wow, totally awesome! Except, you do not want to run light shows, play games, or guide spaceships anywhere. With pre-owned business class IT equipment you will be able to perform at a highly efficient level without overspending.

Budget Business Computers will provide you quality pre-owned business class IT equipment from major manufacturers. BBC will work with you to identify your needs and determine the scope of the project.

Please give us the opportunity to prepare a personalized quote on your upcoming project. Once you buy pre-owned business class IT equipment from Budget Business Computers, you’ll be satisfied you’ve made the correct decision.

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What’s your reason for delaying your IT equipment purchases?

November 20, 2010

Budget Business Computers

Everyone has a reason
The EconomyRugged ConstructionIndividual Attention

A behavioral non-profit health care agency works with children diagnosed with autism. They need many computers—desktops and laptops—to meet the needs of their clients and the needs of their clinical staff. Purchasing from Budget Business Computers allowed this agency to purchase the entire number they needed immediately. The agency manager says the money they saved was a great boon to their care giving programs.

The children have computers to work with, communicate through, and enjoy. The staff can keep up with the reams of paperwork. The agency feels like they have a win/win situation.

A major manufacturer that is a leader in the design, building, and maintenance of elevators, escalators, and moving beltways has a reason. They also buy laptops from Budget Business Computers. For them the decision to buy pre-owned had nothing to do with cost.

They need laptops that are rugged, business class, and designed to work with their software. Their laptops are given to field technicians. They will be used long and hard. The laptops have to be able to stand up to the day-to-day abuse. Budget Business Computers supplies the laptops that can do the job.

You and your needs are our top priority. We will give you the personalized attention you require. You define your need (economy, specialized use, extra IT assets, etc.) and Budget Business Computers will make it happen.

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Are you Being a Victim of Improper Computer Disposal?

October 20, 2010

Budget Business Computers

IT Asset Management
A useful piece of information for you, your CIO, and your CFO is that Budget Business Computers can and will effectively and affordably handle the disposal of IT assets.

No one needs to tell you that the federal privacy laws are more detailed and far reaching than they have ever been. You know that all American companies must comply with laws, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (applies to privacy of financial records) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which applies to maintaining privacy of medical records. Notably, these privacy laws apply to any company holding financial or medical data on employees or customers, not just financial and medical businesses.

Corporate espionage is a large problem. Proprietary data stored on obsolete computers is an area that most company officials do not consider when developing privacy and data security plans.

Many times CIO’s think that wiping a hard drive is sufficient to destroy sensitive data. Actually, it is not. Given today’s forensic abilities data can be retrieved from hard drives that have been “wiped.” Additionally, frequently accessed data is also stored on the RAM/ROM chips. Often companies store their out of date machines as a method of guarding privacy. This system has two flaws. First, if the computer’s operating system is out of date, the company has to restore the system in order to wipe the hard drive. Second, stored computers are often borrowed or stolen. In either event, the data can fall into malicious hands.

For businesses seeking to responsibly comply with privacy regulations and protect their proprietary data working with a firm set up to destroy old IT technology is a wise idea. Budget Business Computers (BBC) can certify destruction of data because the company destroys old computer hardware and processes glass, plastic and metals for re-use, rather than refurbishing and reselling systems and components.

Prior to disposal, Budget Business Computers stores all systems in a secured area. BBC can prove a clear chain of custody before the systems are destroyed, thereby allowing for certification of data and hardware destruction.

Be safe.

Be able to prove your privacy laws compliance with…

Complete certified destruction of all sensitive data.

For more information or to discuss your business needs

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Look Who Is Talking ?

August 11, 2010

Budget Business Computers

Fact: Companies buy computers based on price.
…but there’s something else going on…
At Budget Business Computers, we understand that our customers do comparison shopping on the Internet. Budget Business Computers offers something you won’t find online: Value-add Services* that affect your bottom line; and your peace-of-mind. At Budget Business Computers we do more than provide great equipment at budget prices. We offer quality assurance, personal assistance, knowledgeable advice, and quantity purchases. Those are "parts" you just can’t find online! But don’t take it from us. Listen to what some of our customers have to say…

*Click here for an article that describes your true
Total Cost of Ownership. As one example, you don’t save money if you buy an inexpensive computer that breaks or is down, and has no support. Each hour or day that goes by, you lose money.

…about Budget Business Computers…

“…provided me with a quote for my projects within an hour of my request, each time. The information is complete, accurate and timely. The price structure is exceptional, as well as their knowledge on the best products to use.”

Jennifer Vallarautto

 “will go the extra mile for…clients & customers.”
   – Blair Neville, VP Business Development, Honeywell Global Finance

 “provide results above and beyond client
  expectations…a high level of integrity and
  industry knowledge.”

   – Jay Steidle, Senior Account Executive, CVM Solutions


…call Michael Sutter: (513) 617-4822…

and you could be praising the great pricing and services at
Budget Business Computers!

"Helping Businesses Achieve a Better Bottom Line

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How You can Save Money on Pre-owned Computers vs Buying New

July 15, 2010